We value our patients' experience at Axiom Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Alan Smith

I cannot say thank you enough for the care you have provided me and my family for the past few years.  You have not only improved our health but also improved our lives by being a part of them!   You have been a part of everything from fixing sprained ankles at basketball games to helping my husband get out of pain from his car accident last year and we are going to miss you tremendously!
~Barb S.

Dr. Alan was the first doctor to take a look at all aspects of my life and help me get to the root of my problem instead of just treating the surface problem that was occurring.  He took the time to talk to me instead of rushing me in and out of his office and after making some of the changes that he suggested I have improved more than one area of my life.
~Bryan D.

I had an accident on the golf course last summer and visiting Dr. Alan was the best thing I could have done.  I thought that I would not be able to return to my favorite game but I am back this summer and playing just as well as I was before - in fact I think my swing is even a bit better. 
~Gene D.

Being an active woman in my 40's has been a bit challenging but with Dr. Alan's tips on nutrition, supplements and workouts I am in much better shape!  I came in for an adjustment and ended up getting a doctor who improved my back pain, my speed, my weight, my eating habits and my overall outlook.  I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Alan!
~Carrie T.

I have been to Chiropractors all of my life and I can honestly say that Dr. Alan was one of the best.  I have been an avid runner for the past 14 years and seeing Dr. Alan improved my skills.  I eat better, work out differently and have a better understanding of how everything works together because of my visits with Dr. Alan.
~Kory R.

We have had the pleasure of knowing and being treated by Dr. Alan Smith since 2002. We met Dr. Alan at a promotion he was doing to publicize his new business in Fort Collins. We were interested in his services because my wife has battled severe migraines all her life, and I have degenerative arthritis throughout my body, with chronic issues in my back and legs. We were impressed with his demeanor, his candidness and willingness to really listen and learn about us before offering treatment. Most beneficial to us at the time was that he worked with my family on a financial plan that allowed us to get the treatment we needed. We have since learned to consider Dr. Alan as much our primary care physician as our chiropractor.
For example, my wife went through a lengthy and very difficult period in which she had all the "experts" (and there were many, including a respected neurologist) befuddled regarding serious chronic pain and other debilitating symptoms associated with her neck. After many expensive procedures and tests, it was suggested that she use stronger pain inhibitors, or opt for exploratory surgery. She went to Alan and became pain free within the week.
For decades, I have dealt with a variety of issues symptomatic of congenital bone disease. In the past, the solutions had been a host of anti-inflammatories, two total hip replacements and a cervical fusion. During much of the time I have been treated by Alan, my job required me to be on my feet, which created multiple compensatory issues and chronic muscle spasms. Alan managed to keep me functional and out of the operating room until I was able to find a job more suitable to my physical abilities. For years, and up to this time, I had difficulty even accompanying my wife to the mall. With Alan's continued care, she and I spent this past summer together hiking mountain trails encompassing several miles at a time. I still have flare ups, but he always finds the right treatment and directs me with "homework assignments" that allow me to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Whether it is a chiropractic adjustment, a massage, acupuncture, yoga, more "traditional" methods or simply stretching exercises, he will identify core causes and develop the treatment approach that best suits each individual.
Dr. Alan Smith is a superb chiropractor, a knowledgeable and compassionate care provider. But what really sets him apart is his ability to develop and nurture relationships with his clients. He sincerely cares about his patient's overall wellbeing. He is totally professional, yet more of a friend than a doctor.
Selfishly, we are very saddened by the relocation of this wonderful resource and important person in our lives. However, we acknowledge that our association has been a real blessing. The care, education and influence Alan has shared will certainly benefit us the rest of our lives. His friendship will be cherished even more.
In closing, we highly recommend Dr. Alan Smith for anyone seeking an exceptional care provider that practices the character traits of integrity, sincerity, dependability, honesty, and compassion. He is the best!
With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude,
~Bob and Pam B

I was experiencing a lot of neck and shoulder pain, not even able to turn my head to look behind when I was driving.  I had been to my MD and he offered no solution except to say that there would be surgery in my future.  This was unacceptable to me.  Three different friends highly recommended Dr. Alan to me.
I had a GREAT FEAR of chiropractors all of my life, and had no intention of ever allowing one to touch my neck or back.  I decided to talk to Dr. Alan to overcome my fear.
I came to Dr. Alan's office, literally, CRYING.  I was so AFRAID!!  Dr. Alan spent quite a bit of time with me talking about my fear and assuring me that he felt very confident that he could help me.  He said he would take things very slow, never doing anything that I was uncomfortable with.  He diagnosed my neck and back problems, thoroughly explaining how Chiropractic care would help.
He was very gentle, taking things quite slowly, and gradually was able to "loosen up and realign" the areas that were giving me problems.
I now have NO neck pain or back problems.  This is not an exaggeration!  I test it every day at work being that I am a dental assistant.  I am now able to be more active because I can move without fear of pain.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GIVE DR. ALAN SMITH AN OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE TOO!

To Whom It May Concern:
We meet Dr. Alan back in 2001, when I goggled chiropractors. We set up a meeting with him & we discuss the benefits of a chiropractic care. We became interested in chiropractic due to the diagnostic of our daughter's hearing impairment to see if it would help her. We have received care from 2001 to the present for the five us in our family.
Dr. Alan is very knowledgeable. Not only have we receive continual adjustments, but also He has kept us informed of alternative, naturally ways to keep nutrition in our lives. The supplements he has referred to us have been the utmost quality. He has taught ways to treat the causes and not the symptoms of a health issue. His supplements he recommends are essential. He narrows them down to what you really need and not just to buy to buy. The supplements he recommends are simply to treat a lot of different elements.
Over these last 10 years, we have not seen a medical conventional doctor to treat anything. He has helped us with ear infections, abscess teeth, gum diseases, a knee injury, pregnancy care, a child who couldn't turn his head to the left after being born, equilibrium balance, shoulder/rotator muscles, scare tissue, sinus infections, colds, fever sores, skin cancer, blood thinning… When we do get sick, it last very minimal. Our body and natural immune system fights off the sickness due to our body alignment.
I would recommended, Dr.Alan to anyone who is looking to become educate about their lifestyle, nutrition, treatments and how chiropractic helps benefits very area of your life. It is a lifestyle not a quick fix! It is amazing how if your body is aligned, how much your body functions properly.  Through Dr. Alan's care, we have gained a lot of knowledge and a relationship that we will hope to continue through the years. He was not just our chiropractor, but also a friend that we will truly miss.

~Peterson Family

Dr. Alan has been a miracle worker for me.  I was not a big believer in homeopathic medicine before working with him, but I can't deny that his methods just work!  I have always benefitted from chiropractic care, but nobody can adjust my neck like Dr. Alan can.  He is just the best, he has a "knack" and a skill for it that evidently you just can't teach.  He can tell where I'm out before I even get into the room just by the way I am standing.  I am really disappointed that I will not be able to get regular adjustments from him anymore, but sincerely appreciate the progress I have been able to make by learning from him.  In addition, he totally fixed my stomach - and I never knew that a chiropractor could help with digestive issues.  I was on the verge of an ulcer, not able to eat many foods and certainly couldn't handle any adult beverages.  I was even starting to get heartburn just from drinking water!  His combination of natural products made me a new man, and now I can eat and drink all of the great things life has to offer.  Working with Dr. Alan is not just an "I'm here - fix me" process, but rather a continuous learning experience on the pathway to better overall health.  My best wishes to this great natural healer as he brings his expertise and care skills to a new group of people.

~Brad E

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to recognize the outstanding performance of Dr. Alan Smith. Because of my physically demanding job and active lifestyle I am constantly in need of chiropractic and therefore have a lot of experience with other chiropractors. Most of them helped a little and charged a lot. Dr. Alan is one of a kind. He is nothing less than extraordinary in everything he does. In one visit he was able to heal serious problems that I had had for years, some of them probably relating back to injuries from years past. I had seen half a dozen other chiropractors who were qualified and good but they were never able to help me with these ongoing issues. It is difficult to describe the relief that came when I felt the point of my chronic pain release and finally heal, something that none of the others could do with as many as three adjustment a week for months. I cannot say enough good things about him. Everyone I know, knows about Dr. Alan and his amazing practice which offers everything including massage, chiropractic and physical therapy. He is truly a gifted person and anyone fortunate enough to find him will have their lives changed in a very powerful way. Everything he touches turns to gold. We will dearly miss his expertise in Fort Collins. It took me years to find him and I've never met anyone who has anything close to his ability, knowledge or professionalism. I will always feel indebted to Dr. Alan for my improved quality of life and my restored sense of hope to be able to live the life that god intended me to live, pain free.

~Bill F

To Whom It May Concern,

Alan Smith has helped my chronic spinal condition for five years now, and I'm pleased to say I am out of chronic pain and function like a normal, active adult. I've always appreciated his conservative treatment approach, and convenient, affordable treatments. Twice under his care I was in auto accidents, but bounced back smoothly with his care. Though I'm sure I was a basket case when I first came to his office, Alan always made me feel hopeful and closer to "whole" than not. This optimism, with his experience and confidence, heal well.

An even bigger testament is that my husband, who previously had never allowed any chiropractor to touch him, has been reformed by Dr. Alan. Husband Tom was suffering chronic, debilitating headaches. He had suffered migraines in previous years, but this was something different and the old techniques were not helping. One very unbearable day, we went to the ER to make sure he wasn't having an aneurism or that we were unaware of a tumor. That afternoon cost us $5K in CT scans and we left with no diagnosis, just advice to seek a neurosurgeon and take fistfuls of NSAIDs. I pleaded to my husband, "Before we pay to see a neurosurgeon, PLEASE let Dr. Alan have a look." Alan's first treatment was relief, and by the third treatment, Tom was headache-free. Two years later, with a little yoga and moderate exercise in-between, he sees Alan every month or so for tune-ups, and is doing great. Wish we could say the same for money spent in ER!

I trust Alan Smith with my children's bodies, as well.

Kudos to Alan Smith for being a compassionate healer, with an intuitive gift in ciphering aches and pains!

~Sonia K

To whom it may concern,

 I went to Dr. Alan because I was having a very serious problem with blacking out and dizzy spells. It was such a mysterious and serious problem I was very fortunate to find Dr. Allen. I have four small children and was terrified every time I went anywhere with them that the dizzy spells would get the best of me and they would be left without me for a period of time or worse yet that I had a brain tumor.  I didn't have insurance at the time so I was unable to go to the hospital for what I thought would be a series of expensive tests.  I told Dr. Alan my symptoms and he knew exactly what the problem was. It took several adjustments and a lot of his time. He was willing to work with me on payments because I needed so much work done all at once. He was even willing to come in on Saturday to adjust me and he does not work on Saturdays. I felt taken care of and his positive attitude and confidence helped me get through one of the scariest times of my life. Gradually the spells went away and I was restored to 100% functionality. I've never had the problem since Dr. Alan adjusted me and it has been over a year. I don't know what I would have done had it not been for Dr. Alan's expertise and willingness to help.
~Sara F

Dr Alan has been adjusting my 2 boys for 2 years.  My youngest son started getting ear infections when he was 4 months old.  He had 6 more by the age of 1 and we had tubes put it in his ears to minimize the pain and exposure to antibiotics.  6 months later, 1 tube fell out and within a year, both tubes were out.  We were on a back to back ear infection path and my son was no longer responding to the first two basic antibiotics.  I was already a patient of Dr Alan's and was in tears one day about how awful tasting the antibiotic my now 2 year old had to take was when Dr Alan reminded me he was a pediatric chiropractor.  Somehow, this had escaped me even though Dr Alan had been treating me with great success. I brought my boys in every week from then on and my 2 year old stopped getting ear infections.  By the Thanksgiving holiday, I started to wonder if he had outgrown the ear infections because we just never had them anymore.  Between the stress and busyness of the holiday season, I didn't make my weekly appointment.  As a result, 4 days before Christmas my 2 1/2 year old complained of ear pain and I was in the urgent care on a Saturday night getting antibiotics. Still, I wondered if it was a fluke that I had missed my appointment with Dr Alan or if my son was starting to outgrow the infections.  I continued to take the boys to see Dr Alan though. I finally had my epiphany that I knew what Dr Alan was doing was working.  My son was now old enough to tell me when his ear hurt.  Checking the clock, I knew Dr Alan's office hours were open and I ran over and got him adjusted.  We waited 5 minutes after the adjustment and asked my son if his ear still hurt and he said it was all better.  I still take my kids to get adjusted - if they catch a cold or complain of pain we go right away.  It has been a life saver for my family.  The money and sleepless nights we have saved because of Dr Alan's chiropractic skills has been priceless.  The kids call it Dr Alan's 'ride' (going on the table that moves) and my husband and I call it amazing.



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