Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Wellness is the optimum expression of health.

An axiom is a self-evident truth.
At Axiom Wellness Center we believe health is a journey where wellness is the goal. This goal though is ever expanding not a destination. When it comes to wellness, one cannot focus only on one area of your life and say that you have achieved wellness, you must take a comprehensive approach. That is why we recognize these five axioms of health in order to help you achieve your wellness goals. The five axioms are Chiropractic, Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude, Nutrition and Sleep.
1. Chiropractic - In order for a hose to spray water it cannot have any kinks in it - the same way that in order for your body to work properly it must be in proper alignment, it cannot have any impingements. Chiropractic helps put everything in alignment so the body can work at its full potential.
2. Exercise - Obesity is at epidemic proportions and the reality is even if you are not obese many of us sit all day long and we do not exercise although everything we read and watch tells us to do so. Exercise can be intimidating but at Axiom we can help you achieve the first step or we can help you take it to the next level - without any intimidation at all. We can also help with simple rehabilitation.
3. Positive Mental Attitude - The law of attraction does exist. In our active world you must be proactive and have a positive mental attitude to succeed. In many situations awareness is the first step to improvement.
4. Nutrition - We have all heard the statement you are what you eat and drink. At Axiom Wellness we take a look at what you are eating and drinking (not to help you lose weight) but instead to ensure that your body is getting what it needs to achieve wellness.
5. Sleep - 8 hours a night is the recommended amount of sleep each night but many times people train their body to get way too little or way too much sleep and because it has become the norm they don't consider the damage it is doing to their overall wellness. At Axiom Wellness we also look at the quality of sleep you are getting - if you don't have a good mattress and the correct pillow for what type of sleeper you are getting the correct amount of sleep may not be doing you much good.
Our main goal at Axiom Wellness Center is to meet you where you are with each of these 5 axioms. Although we feel that you need to be well rounded in each of the areas if you are more concerned about one area we are not going to pressure you about a different area.


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